Middle Cauca


Activos Mineros has many prospects on Middle Cauca, Samaná is the most important located on this Gold Belt. Middle Cauca Gold Belt is characterized by Neogene plutons where major gold deposits has been discovered such as Marmato, Titiribí, Buriticá and Colosa.

Samaná (also known as Santa Rita) – Espíritu Santo -Río Dulce (AGA) Prospects are Porphyry-Associated and Related Gold Deposits, here several Pleistocene hypabyssal intrusives and diatreme breccias intrude the early Paleozoic low-grade metamorphic basement. The mineralization and associated hydrothermal alteration, mostly disseminated fine pyrite crystals with traces of sphalerite, chalcopyrite and molybdenite, accompanied by highly pervasive hydrothermal alteration in the diatreme breccias and the andesite hypabyssal intrusives. Dikes and stocks of dacite porphyries and polymictic breccias with pyrite traces, intrude the metamorphic rocks.